Looking Ahead


As we embark on the new year, we are excited to build upon our past achievements and continue making a positive impact in the world, aligning our triple bottom line approach of balancing People, Prosperity and Planet.

Firstly, we aim to expand our cultural footprint by launching initiatives that bring people together. One such event is the “One Beat, One World: Connecting Through the Drum” Carnival & 5G Live Concert, which will provide a platform for cultural exchange and unity.

In addition to cultural initiatives, we will prioritise promoting volunteerism and recognising community service. Our goal is to foster a spirit of generosity and care among individuals, inspiring them to give back to their communities. Enhancing the quality of life for all community members is a key objective. We will introduce programmes to improve dining experiences for those with unique dietary needs, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility.

To ensure our initiatives are impactful, we will conduct robust social impact assessments. This will help us fine- tune our strategies and allocate resources effectively, contributing to a sustainable and liveable Hong Kong.

Environmental stewardship is a guiding principle for us. We will integrate sustainable practices throughout our operations, including expanding renewable energy generation in our properties. Seeking certifications that affirm our commitment to sustainability and aligning with the Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (“TNFD”) recommendations are also on our agenda.

Furthermore, we will conduct a quantitative climate risk study to gain actionable insights and enhance our resilience and responsibility in the face of climate change. Our collaboration with the Science-based Targets Initiative underscores our commitment to aligning with a Net Zero future by 2050.

We will actively encourage sustainable practices among our stakeholders, urging them to join us in transitioning to a greener future. Efforts to reduce operational waste, promote recycling and embrace the principles of a circular economy will be prioritised. Investing in infrastructure that contributes to Hong Kong’s economic vitality while upholding our sustainability commitments is a key focus. We will support technological advancements and nurture solutions that future-proof our business and enhancead aptability.

Our commitment to being a socially and environmentally responsible corporation that cares for people, communities and the planet remains steadfast. Our vision is to harness the potential of our business as a catalyst for beneficial change. To this end, we are actively pursuing B Corp certification and are committed to establishing and reaching bold sustainability goals.

Our dedication to sustainability, shared prosperity and societal betterment drives us forward. Together, we will champion a future that upholds these values and creates a positive and sustainable impact.

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