Solidifying Our ESG Governance Structure

ESG is the one of the fundamental strategies that guide us to build communities for the future and create places with heart. We have been continuously strengthening the role of sustainability in our governance, as we are actively seeking ways to further integrate sustainability into the core of our business operations and governance. To ensure overall effective ESG governance and knowledge transfer, a comprehensive and robust ESG governance system has been structured covering different aspects of corporate sustainability, with improvements on the governance made during the Reporting Period.


ESG Steering Committee

Chaired by the CEO and reports to the Executive Committee, the ESG Steering Committee is responsible for overseeing the Group’s overall ESG strategies, reviewing and endorsing plans and monitoring the progress. The ESG Steering Committee is composed of the leadership team and chairs of ESG Sub-Committees and Working Groups. A Terms of Reference is now being formalised to define its formation, as well as the scope and authority of the ESG Steering Committee, to facilitate effective management and supervision of a specific area of responsibility.

During the reporting period, the ESG Steering Committee conducted three meetings to ensure timely communication on ESG issues.

ESG Sub-Committees


The four ESG Sub-Committees, namely Prosperity, Planet, People and Community, are responsible for formulating strategies and action plans that align with the Group’s strategy and subsequent UNSDGs, and dedicating roles and responsibilities to individual departments for achieving the goals set. Comprising representatives from different business units, each of the ESG Sub-Committee has a valid Terms of Reference, which defines its formation and specifies the scope and authority of the ESG Sub-Committee. This facilitates effective management and supervision over specific roles and responsibilities on sustainability subject matters. Moreover, each of the ESG Sub-Committee have established multiple annual commitments for its focus area.

More details about the achievement status of these annual commitments established by the ESG Sub- Committees can be found in the “Our Annual Commitments” section.

To support these initiatives, we have also established an ESG Department in 2022, which provides training and support to the entire organisation to formulate, execute and monitor the sustainability goals, KPIs and action plans, as well as providing support to ESG benchmarking, disclosure and sustainability engagement in all levels. Providing dedicated support for the Group’s sustainability journey, the new ESG Department further strengthens our ESG governance and practices.

During the reporting period, each ESG Sub-Committee conducted two meetings.

Working Groups

Task-specific working groups will also be formed to further the Group’s ESG journey. During the reporting period, the 3050+ working group and Green Tenancy working group, which report to the ESG Steering Committee, were formed focusing on our decarbonisation target. Formed by subject matter experts of different business units and departments, the 3050+ working group is mainly responsible for tracking the Chinachem Group Carbon Reduction Roadmap - CCG 3050+ (“CCG 3050+”) target performance, whereas the Green Tenancy working group is responsible for the enhancement of tenant engagement and facilitating carbon reduction and sustainability lifestyle, covering our commercial,retail and residential tenants.

Updates on Policies, Procedures and Guidelines

To ensure effective, efficient and stringent corporate governance, we review and update internal policies, procedures and guidelines on a regular and event-trigger basis. During the reporting period, revisions of the following policies, procedures and guidelines were introduced.

Policy / Procedure / Guideline

Equal Opportunities


Updated (May 2023)

Inside Information


New (July 2022)

Information Security


Updated (July 2022)

Information Technology


New (July 2022)

Supplier Code of Conduct


Updated (March 2023)

Procurement Management Framework


Updated (November 2022)

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