Tenant and Customer Survey

Acknowledging the crucial role that our tenants and customers play in the success of our business, we place a high priority on their feedback and satisfaction. To this end, we consistently engage in gathering their perspectives through regular tenant and customer satisfaction surveys. These surveys are instrumental in capturing their insights, identifying their primary concerns and thereby enabling us to elevate the standard of our services.

During the Reporting Period, we reached out to a substantial cohort including over 50,000 customers and invited them to evaluate their experiences with us. Over 2,800 and 9,700 valid surveys were received from tenants as well as hotel customers and property owners respectively. The feedback received was affirmatively positive. This feedback is a testament to our commitment to service excellence, yet we recognise that there is always scope for progress. We remain dedicated to continuously refining and enhancing our customer experience, as part of our ongoing commitment to ESG excellence.


Rating From Our Customers

Tenant satisfaction score
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