Promoting and Preserving Arts, Culture and Heritage

Arts, culture and heritage are an integral part of our society. A vibrant and thriving community where arts, culture and heritage are properly protected and preserved is the key to the economic, social and intellectual development of our future generations. The Group has actively supported and organised a wide range of events within our community that allow the passing down of our invaluable assets to future generations.


A Date with Hing Chun Alliance


Our commitment is to preserve Hong Kong’s historic architecture and intangible cultural heritage. After revitalising and reinvigorating Central Market, we continue our efforts to foster urban-rural integration. To achieve this, we use Central Market as a dedicated space to showcase Hong Kong’s rich history and culture. Our exhibition, “A Date with Hing Chun Alliance,” tells the story of an ancient rural village partnership called Hing Chun Alliance. Visitors can relive the simple rural life through sight, sound, touch, smell and taste. During the event, over 130,000 visitors experienced the culture and daily life of the village through clothing, food, homes and commutes. We also held more than 50 docent-led tours and workshops in which more than 850 participants gained a deeper understanding of lives in rural Hong Kong by, for example, planting turmeric or painting kop tong stone in different hands-on workshops or listening to experts working on experimental restorations or sharing on rural sustainability of Lai Chi Wo.

Rural communities have been able to preserve their culture and promote their economic development through this exhibition, which aims to bridge the gap between urban and rural communities. We wanted to use this exhibition to bridge the gap between urban and rural communities, as urban dwellers have slowly disconnected from Hong Kong’s rural development, an obscure aspect of the city with great beauty and cultural significance.

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CCG Library

The Group recognised the urgent need to document histories of recent art in the region and funded the renovation and expansion of the Asia Art Archive Library. The Library was expanded and is now known as “CCG Library. ” The expansion added 50% more shelving and event spaces. It features upgraded facilities, including a multifunctional event space and multiple seating areas. CCG Library now houses over 120,000 physical and digital records of recent art in Asia. Additionally, it features a Hong Kong Room where readers can access various materials related to Hong Kong’s art history, preserving the city’s important intangible assets. The Library also acts as a lively hub for people with a passion for art and culture, facilitating knowledge production and exchange.


French May 2023


As a global community builder, we are passionate about preserving local and international art and culture. As part of our efforts, we partnered with a French culture promoter to host French May, one of the most significant cultural celebrations, for the third year. Held partly at Central Market and NINA MALL, the city-wide festival allowed participants to learn and experience French art and culture through various activities, including gastronomic experiences. In French May 2023, we took visitors on a journey through France with our highly popular French Traditional Gourmet Market, where they could browse, sample and buy French cuisine. We also present Waterlight Graffiti, an interactive art experience created by French artist Antonin Fourneau, which promotes sustainability awareness. This event aims to expose more people to French culture and ensure this beloved, invaluable cultural asset is passed down to future generations.

Support of Local Film Production Development


As a company deeply committed to nurturing the local film industry, we have taken proactive steps to support and elevate the creative endeavours of homegrown talent. We were the title sponsor of the Premiere Gala for the film “Pretty Heart”. This movie was produced by 30 students and graduates of the Academy of Film of the Hong Kong Baptist University (“AFHKBU”) and industry professionals. In addition, we partnered with the Hong Kong International Film Festival Society (“HKIFF”) to launch the CCG Grand Award at the 21st “Hong Kong - Asia Film Financing Forum” to recognise the locally-produced film project with the most potential.

Moreover, we extended our outreach to the budding artists of tomorrow through our sponsorship of the 2023/24 Creative Journey outreach programme, organised by the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (“HKAPA”). This programme allows secondary students to learn and engage in performing arts activities such as film and television, Chinese opera, dance, drama, music, theatre and entertainment arts.

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