Reinforcing a Healthy and Safety Environment for Our People and Community


To secure a healthy workplace that concentrates on preventing accidents and injuries, we place great emphasis on occupational health and safety (“OHS”) as a fundamental aspect of our overall strategy, operations and activities.

To achieve this, we have implemented the Occupational Health and Safety Management Framework (“the OHS Framework”), which outlines specific objectives, procedures, resources and a system for reviewing and improving safety measures. We have also established an OHS policy and committee to ensure effective governance and management in operations exposed to high OHS risks.

To ensure compliance with the OHS Framework and relevant laws and regulations, we also conduct a comprehensive OHS risk assessment and internal and external audit. We have obtained the ISO 45001: 2018 certification for our OHS management, demonstrating our commitment to a sustainable work environment.

We regularly review and track our OHS performance for further improvement by establishing clear KPIs with defined metrics for monitoring, which can ensure that OHS data are available to assist with the governance and maintenance of our OHS performance.

In the event of OHS incidents, we have a comprehensive set of incident handling procedures, including incident investigation and reporting,reviews, corrective and preventive actions and conducting drills.

We provide adequate resources and training to promote knowledge and safety culture and ensure compliance with laws and regulations.

Safety Performance Highlights



Number of Work-related Fatalities

Safety Performance of Contractor Workers


14 incidents

Number of Lost Time Injury of Contractor Workers



Number of Work-related Fatalities of Contractor Workers

Case Study


Visit at IN ONE Site - Ho Man Tin Station Package Two


We prioritise the safety of our workers, especially those who are exposed to high OHS risk, by collaborating with our contractors to design and implement comprehensive safety measures. We adhere to policies, conduct regular site inspections, and provide designated rest times to ensure the well-being of all colleagues.

The Ho Man Tin Station Package 2 Residential Project showcases the compatibility of safety and productivity through human-centred planning and technology integration. Innovative features include independent air-conditioner platforms, digitalisation using Building Information Modeling (“BIM”), smart locks for opening safety, efficient progress management with digital cameras, and synthetic stone covers for improved opening management.

To further ensure workers’ safety, we regularly organise heatstroke prevention and safety promotion activities. Our management team visits the construction site to distribute ice cream, sunscreen, sunscreen sleeves, electrolyte tablets, and heatstroke prevention brochures to the workers. We provide valuable information and tips on preventing heatstroke, emphasising the importance of staying healthy and safe in hot weather.

Key Awards

Our contractor of the Ho Man Tin Station Package Two Property Development Project has received several awards to recognise its strong commitment to the health and safety of the workers on site.


Property Project Department Safety Contractor Award 2022


The 23rd Construction Safety Award

  • Best Safety Enhancement Program for Lifting Operation – Sliver
  • Best Method Statement – Gold
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Maintaining a Healthy Workplace

Healthy Workplace-1

Creating a diverse, healthy and inclusive workforce is critical to our long-term sustainability, which cannot be achieved without our colleagues. Our top priorities are ensuring the happiness and growth of our colleagues, as well as taking care of our stakeholders. We place a high value on fostering an environment where colleagues can realise their full potential, accomplish greatness and feel appreciated.

We built a well-equipped, relaxing and inspiring work environment which we believe will support the continuous development of our colleagues. We have recently renovated our office and incorporated creative design elements that foster collaboration and creativity. We provide an inspiring and comfortable work environment to colleagues on each floor with a different theme and functional social hubs. Colleagues can also enjoy great convenience by utilising digital tools, procedures and documents which assist our colleagues in completing their daily tasks.

Additionally, all colleagues are assigned adjustable-height work desks and flexible monitor arms, and the height and inclination of the desks and monitors can be adjusted according to colleagues’ preferences. They can also take advantage of the hotel’s fitness facilities for free, reserve the gym through the intranet and use the fitness equipment or swim in the pool.

Healthy Food Choice

Elderly Ambassador Programme-1

The Group is actively promoting a culture of healthy eating, recognising that a healthy workplace necessitates nutritious meals. We offer various healthy food options at our staff canteen to ensure that they can be easily accessed by our colleagues. Additionally, we provide nutrient information for the food available at the canteen to help our colleagues build a healthy diet. We regularly disseminate health information related to food choices through various means, such as organising health talks and publishing relevant information on our internal. Through these efforts on healthy food, we aim to maximise the well-being of our colleagues.

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