Joining Forces to Defend Our Planet


Embedding Sustainable Procurement

As a community developer with diverse areas of operation, we are aware of the impact throughout our value chain. We collaborate with suppliers and business partners to integrate sustainability at all levels. During the Reporting Period, we have enhanced the Group’s Sustainable Procurement Guidelines to align with EPD’s Green Procurement standard. Alongside departmental Standard Operating Procedures (“SOP”) of Procurement, we aim to improve our sourcing practices in purchasing, design and construction processes, prioritising local suppliers to minimise our carbon footprint.

Supporting Farm-to-Table Ingredients

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Food sustainability has been a highly concerned environmental concerns, and the Group is dedicated to providing delicacy with a taste of sustainability. Our Chinese restaurant, RÚ, embraces the sustainable development concept by primarily using local ingredients, supporting efforts to protect the environment.

The menu at the restaurant offers a wide selection of 90 delicately crafted dishes, including sustainable seafood, vegetarian options and farm-to-table creations. We focus on incorporating local ingredients, such as hydroponic vegetables, free-range chicken and eggs, farmed Sabah fish and canned crab meat, which are more eco-friendly food choices. Endangered seafood species are avoided, aligning with the support for sustainable procurement.

Sustainable Cuisine and Delicacy

We are taking a proactive role in improving the sustainability of our food, by choosing suppliers who offer green and sustainable ingredients. Including sustainable seafood in our menu is one of our major sustainability initiatives that aim to reduce our environmental impacts on life in water. To further strengthen our commitment to sustainable procurement, we have also joined the WWF-Hong Kong Sustainable Seafood Business Membership Programme, which helps us connect with more sustainable seafood suppliers.

Initiatives on Elevating Cuisine with Sustainable Seafood

Membership of the WWF-Hong Kong Sustainable Seafood Business Membership Programme
Prioritising Suppliers with Certifications

Collective Effort for a Greater Impact

Implementing effective sustainability practices requires collective action and collaboration. To engage our stakeholders, we have expanded our green initiatives through education and awareness programmes. These include implementing Green Fit-out Recommendations in tenant spaces, conducting regular workshops and seminars on sustainable living and working environments and providing educational materials on energy conservation, water efficiency, waste reduction and IAQ.

Case Study


Green Activities @ Central Market

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Low Carbon Living Experience Day

Green Booths for educational activities like Second- hand Clothing Giveaway Party, Plastic Upcycling, “Best Before” Groceries, Leftover Dried Fruit and Low Carbon Living Mini-Game.

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Designing Circularity - Design for the Circular Economy in the Netherlands and Hong Kong Exhibition

The Netherlands Consulate General in Hong Kong presented the exhibition highlighting innovative sustainable designs from the Netherlands in three areas: Built Environment, Fashion and Everyday Goods.

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Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark Roving Photo Exhibition

It featured 100 photographs and videos of Hong Kong Geopark, including the winning entries from the Hong Kong Geopark 10th Anniversary Photo and Video Competition, the Hong Kong Geopark x Kelvin Yuen Series and the Hong Kong Geopark collection.

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