Investing in Healthcare for a Liveable, Intergenerational Community


In line with our value proposition - “Places with Heart”, we are dedicated to incorporating green and age-friendly facilities within our projects and properties. Additionally, we are committed to delivering healthcare services specifically tailored for the elderly population, with the aim of transforming Hong Kong into a more liveable city that embraces intergenerational harmony and is suitable for individuals of all age groups.


Establishment of New Brand - CCG Healthcare


A prosperous future is a healthy future, as social well-being is intertwined with the longevity of an economy. Given an ageing population, the Group is committed to building a lively economy in which the health and well- being of the elderly are protected. In 2022, the Group launched a new brand named “CCG Healthcare,” with the mission to expand the healthcare market, create heart-warming communities and optimise the industry chain for home-based elderly care. This strategic move would further enhance our capabilities in serving the elderly community, ensuring that we contribute meaningfully to building a more liveable, caring and sustainable city for all generations.

As part of our healthcare strategy, the Group acquired approximately 56% interest in Pine Care Group. Pine Care Group, now under the umbrella of CCG Healthcare, stands as a symbol of our commitment to making influential changes in eldercare services.


Since December 2022, a new flagship upscale residential care home for the elderly, “Pine Residence”, has become operational. Pine Residence has a wide range of services, covering affordable upscale and upscale residential care. Medical and professional nursing support is delivered by a multidisciplinary and collaborative team, including nurses, caregivers, social workers, occupational therapists and physiotherapists. A variety of advanced gerontology methods and technologies are used to ensure the finest standard of senior care and well- being for the residents.

Our investment in the eldercare sector is a testament to our commitment to ensuring a healthy and prosperous future where elderly people are given the importance they deserve. Not only has this helped us diversify our investment portfolio, but it has also enabled us to protect the personal and social well-being of those in their golden years. As we journey with them through the last chapters of their lives, we strive to provide them with the care and support they need to lead fulfilling lives.

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Pine Residence

Pine Residence is dedicated to providing a sustainable and supportive environment for the residents, with an emphasis on both emotional well-being and physical health. Below are key features that highlight our commitment to sustainability.

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Incorporating the concept of "Reminiscence therapy"

Leading the Way with Anderson Road

As we look towards the future, the Group is taking action to address the demographic shift with our upcoming Anderson Road project. This project is being designed and constructed specifically for all ages, creating Hong Kong’s first community that caters to people of all ages. Along with the CUHK Jockey Club Institute of Ageing, we are incorporating design thinking guided by an extensive study of how architecture can positively impact elderly health. Our approach emphasises our proactive efforts to shape a future where communities are designed to enhance the quality of life for people of all generations.

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