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Impact Summary - Cohort 1 & 2 of CCG Accel - Powered By HKSTP


The Group is dedicated to fostering the role of innovation and entrepreneurship in igniting social change and propelling economic growth in Hong Kong. We are keen to support and collaborate with local innovators and ideators and, together, solve the immense social and economic challenges Hong Kong and the world are facing. Actively creating opportunities for anyone to showcase their passion for our community, we have placed substantial investment in identifying and cultivating ground- breaking solutions that address current challenges and bolster our resilience to future changes.

As part of this commitment, the Group has initiated the “CCG Accel - Powered by HKSTP” accelerator programme in collaboration with Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (“HKSTP”) in 2021. This programme encompasses a series of initiatives where tech ventures in Hong Kong showcase and test their smart city solutions in different locations managed by the Group, based on different themes related to property management.

The “CCG Accel - Powered by HKSTP” accelerator programme is structured into three cohorts. The first cohort of the programme used Central Market, a location that embodies the harmonious blend of historical significance and forward-thinking innovation, as a test bed for the novel technologies invented by selected tech ventures. The participating tech ventures were tasked to address three significant challenges specific to Central Market, including Environment & Sustainability, Operations & Facility Management and Customer Experience. A variety of technological solutions, such as cooling paint, an AI-propelled air purification system and a real-time refrigeration system were tested.

Following the success of the first cohort, the second cohort took place in the commercial buildings under the Group with three focuses on Green Buildings, Operation Efficiency and Safety and Wellness. The selected tech ventures collaborated with the Group Property Services team to jointly develop solutions tailored to real-life scenarios. These solutions were tested within our commercial properties, such as Nina Tower, NINA MALL, One Chinachem Central, Two Chinachem Central and Chinachem Exchange Square.

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Tech Venture Highlights

Apicem Technology Services Company Limited:

APICEM Technology Services Company Limited (“ATS”) developed a solution specifically addressing the concentration of viruses and bacteria in the back- of-house areas of buildings, such as utility and trash rooms, which critically require effective air filtering systems. Building on its achievements in Cohort 1, ATS refined its system by reducing its size to suit commercial premises. Furthermore, the team discovered that this system could also eliminate nitrogen dioxide, a harmful compound emitted by vehicles and cigarettes. With this upgrade, ATS planned to test the new, 65-cm tall device in a water pump room at Two Chinachem Central during Cohort 2. This innovation has the potential to be a game- changer for property management companies, offering a durable solution for sterilising these essential areas.

Dayta AI Limited:

Dayta AI specialises in people flow analysis. It uses artificial intelligence to analyse customer characteristics and behaviours by capturing and analysing CCTV images in shopping malls. This technology helps clients improve their marketing strategies by providing insights into their Customer and demographics. Central Market’s management teams have used this technology to gain deeper insights into their customers and create more personalised and attentive visitor experiences based on real data.

i2Cool Limited:

i2Cool invented a passive radiative cooling paint patented in Hong Kong that can achieve an electricity-free and refrigerant-free self-cooling effect. By applying this paint on the roof or external walls of buildings, the indoor air temperature can be decreased, saving the energy usage of air- conditioning systems and reducing carbon emission and so forth to cut down both running and installation costs of cooling equipment and reduce the amount of maintenance needed. i2Cool conducted a comprehensive performance test of its innovative cooling paint, iPaint, on the rooftop of One Chinachem Central. This marked only the second occasion for i2Cool to evaluate iPaint’s effectiveness during winter the first field test took place at Central Market in early 2022 as part of Cohort 1. Since that initial trial, i2Cool has advanced to the second generation of iPaint, following CCG’s recommendation to broaden the product’s colour palette. This development included a transparent coating suitable for windows and rooftops, as well as paints in various colours. As a non-invasive and highly efficient solution, iPaint again promised to assist property management companies in achieving their targets for reducing energy consumption.

Novelte Robotics Limited:

Novelte Robotics’s Heritage corner guiding robot provided a futuristic and interactive experience for visitors keen on learning about the site. This fully automated robot enhanced the area’s appeal with its personalised service, simultaneously reducing staff workload. It also enriched the customer experience at Central Market, offering a unique heritage tour that added a distinctive element to their visit.

NXT Smart Technology (Hong Kong) Company Limited:

NXT Smart Technology (Hong Kong) Company Limited (“NXT”) has showcased the pivotal role of artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced sensing technology in the future of facility management by developing Ambient 16. This AI-driven system is capable of monitoring 16 types of real-time data, including temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide levels, light, motion, vibration and sound. Based on the big data, the management team can be alerted when there are any deviations to the curve, such as unexpected traffic flow or abnormal usage. They can then devise a unified management approach across the entire property portfolio. These sensors are set to be installed in the toilets of NINA MALL and the shopping area of Papillon Square.

As we are navigating the journey of Cohort 3, we will continue to reinforce our leadership in championing a tech-empowered, sustainable future for Hong Kong’s economy, fulfilling our commitment to empowering communities and ensuring a prosperous future. Cohort 3 of the “CCG Accel - Powered by HKSTP” accelerator programme centres on generative AI solutions with the entire CCG business as its stage. These solutions are being applied to various aspects of property operations, encompassing both external and internal dimensions, overall management and internal workflows, with an emphasis on enhancing human interactions. Continuing the approach of the previous cohorts, shortlisted tech ventures will collaborate with the Group, employing generative AI to develop solutions that enhance performance and experiences across our business spectrum. This includes commercial buildings, offices, shopping malls and hotels, aiming to benefit both clients and employees.

In retrospect, we believe that Cohort 1 and Cohort 2 were able to provide an effective platform for brave thinkers and innovators to experiment with their ideas in real-life scenarios. With the support from the Group, the participating ventures explored how their ideas and solutions prompt innovative urban management and operation, including how sustainability can be creatively integrated into Hong Kong’ urban fabric. In the first two cohorts, together with the tech ventures, we leveraged cutting-edge technologies to advance a sustainable and economically vital city, which is a basis for building a prosperous future, and we hope to further magnify the impact of innovation and entrepreneurship in Cohort 3.

Albert Lam
Novelte Robotics Limited
The “CCG Accel - Powered by HKSTP” accelerator programme provided a first-time opportunity for adopting heritage guided tour robot in Hong Kong which helped to enrich the company profile.
Martin Zhu
i2Cool Limited
The “CCG Accel - Powered by HKSTP” accelerator programme was helpful and the experience was valuable as this is the first time to adopt the cooling paint on a building and a concrete surface. Chinachem group provided suggestions during the trial to minimise the impact to the environment, for example, applying tape around the painting area border.

Fostering Industry-Academic Collaboration for the Sustainable Greater Bay Area


The Group has been working towards building a green and thriving GBA, in which Hong Kong and other GBA cities together form a highly integrative, sustainable and prosperous urban economy. As part of this journey, we have been actively partnering with various innovation leaders in the GBA who share a common vision with the Group. In November 2022, the Group and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (“PolyU”) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (“MoU”) intending to enhance research collaboration between industry, academia and research organisations. The MoU has solidified our commitment to fostering the development of innovative solutions that contribute to the sustainable growth and development of the GBA.

This strategic partnership capitalises on the collective strengths and expertise of PolyU in interdisciplinary research and of the Group in property and community development. The MoU has established a framework for both parties to undertake three pilot research projects focusing on achieving carbon neutrality, fostering an inclusive society and promoting a green economy.

This industry-academia collaboration will involve the development of cutting-edge technology and systems to reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption in a next-generation data centre, explore innovative models of intergenerational housing for future Hong Kong community settlements in the GBA and experiment with the use of blockchain technology in promoting a green economy.


This industry-academic collaboration will see PolyU and Chinachem working together to create solutions for major sustainability challenges including energy consumption, climate change, an ageing population and the adoption of green behaviour.

Prof. Jin-Guang Teng President of PolyU

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